eggshell carving
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Cristian GafiTescu - EGGSTREMITY

I love to work with this tipe of shells because it is somewhat thicker than the goose ones.

I tried to get a different depth effects with the result of a three-dimensional pattern. It's a great joy to see that I can get complex structures to  the limit of fragility.

My inspiration came from the beautiful drawings inside the Alhambra Palace which were created by extraordinary craftsmen.

Their shell are thin but resistant-  which challenges me.

You can find here fascinating geometric patterns inspired by Islamic decorative art, study of drawing and patterns created by me.

I love to draw with the pencil on eggshell. Sometimes the gaps created by drawing are completed by the full parts, in constant chained.

I had great emotions until finally, I saw that everything was as I wanted. Only then  I could breath reliefed.

I chose a support for each egg, some of them created by me, in order to  highlight the pattern.

Cristian GafiTescu - EGGSTREMITY