eggshell carving

    I like to associate the complicated appearance of decorative design with the delicate eggshell structure. And if the design is more intricate, the greater the challenge is , and I am more pleased with the result.

The pattern transposition to the egg surface and their realization are personal original creations.

       I thank Ms. Carla  Kelly for lessons, her advice and encouragement and  also I thank Ms. Carina Charlton for advices.

    Extraordinary support came from Mr Mohammad Mahdi Babakhani- a great Iranian artist, engraver, calligrapher, embosser and chaser on metal.

You can admire his incredible works here:



I live in Iasi, Romania where i enjoy walking by the peaceful parks of Copou hill, accompanied by my dog Max.

I share my free time between family and my passions: photography and decorations.

Cristian GafiTescu - EGGSTREMITY